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>> welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> our top stories in just a moment. first want to take a look outside with ava marie. it was crazy yesterday, but i guess some calm weather today. >> finally some calm behind the storm. it was a cool start to the day.
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now that the sunshine is back out. even where it was raining this morning, like in areas like ocean city, beautiful weather, now pushing in. 67 the current temperature thurgood marshall. look at the dew point temperature. it has dropped down to 58 degrees. any time we get it below the 60 degree threshold it really starts to feel pretty nice out, very dry comfortable air moving in. this will be the case for the rest of your weekend. we expect high temperatures in the upper 70s to low 80s. that's comfortable in the afternoon especially with the low humidity. we just have a few clouds this morning but all those clearing out to mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. much of the seven day looks the same. details in the insta weather plus forecast. >> sounds good. mean time, we begin with severe storms that moved through not just our area saturday afternoon but also washington, d.c. and virginia. storm left behind a number of power outages in our viewing area. around 21,000 customers lost power and they are working to restore service. so far crews have restored power to 19,000 customers.
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at last check, over 1600 remain without power this morning. take a look at this picture of a water spout on the chesapeake. it was sent to you by viewer alex schweitzer. we're also told one police officer at sandy point park spotted a funnel cloud. his police cruiser was damaged in the storm, but he wasn't hurt. well, during the storm in prince georges county, more than a dozen people were injured as they rushed for the exits at that time show arena, where a county fair was being held. in washington, d.c., strong winds and heavy rain plowed through, prompting unconfirmed tornado reports. workers were out saturday evening cleaning up fallen trees, trying to repair power lines. reports of tornado like funnel clouds in fairfax county and in virginia there. actual tornados have not been confirmed. damage in some areas is extensive with trees down on cars, windows were blown out. northern virginia was also hit with severe weather saturday afternoon. teaming rain and high winds swept the area.
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fair fax county officials confirm a tornado touched down around 4:00. the national weather service is investigating. trees, traffic lights, power lines were toppled. nearly 150,000 customers lost power. and in arlington county, more than 1,000 people were enjoying a concert at the jazz festival when they got a warning to evacuate. vendors frantically tried to pack up and find shelter. >> next thing you know, bam, it just hit. it didn't even take a minute. came on us. they told us to pack up. >> three minutes time, literally, heads started rolling and tables flying, chairs, mer chan dieshgs people running. >> we're told one person was injured when a stage at the festival collapsed. and a reminder, you can always track storms anywhere you are. try our new i phone apps and see interactive radar in full swing. an off duty police officer was killed after falling to his death from interstate 95. charles armetta worked as a canine officer for the aberdeen
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police department. in a death that stunned the county, coming days after the death of a sheriff's deputy. here's more. >> the aberdeen police department is mourning the loss of one of their own. 29-year-old officer charles armetta was killed in which the department described on their facebook page as a freak accident. a freak accident that's rocked his hartford county community. >> he should really be remembered as a really good guy. >> according to the maryland transportation authority police, who is investigating the case, the off duty officer was travelling with 10 or 11 family members and friends in a limousine type bus early saturday morning. a spokes person said the bus was returning from washington, d.c. when it suddenly pulled over on the shoulder of northbound i-95 near the russell street exit in downtown baltimore. authorities tell 11 news at some point armetta got out of the vehicle and somehow ended up falling off this ramp, about a 47-foot fall to his death, into this wooded area.
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>> i can't believe it. >> joy scott of bel air lived next door to the family for almost two years before the family moved out a few weeks ago. scott's four children adore the officer, who they call mr. charles. >> a great police officer from what i could tell. great, great neighbor. i mean, there's other people in this neighborhood that are very upset by this. >> armetta is the second police officer to die this week. thursday, charles mccato died in a car accident on his way home from work. armetta was a husband and the father of a young girl who, according to the department, turned 1 monday. wbal, tv 11 news. >> the cause of officer armetta's death is still under investigation. we're told funeral arrangements are being made. city police are investigating an early morning shooting in northwest baltimore. officers were called to the 2500 block of edgecoach circle north just before 2 a.m. saturday
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morning. they found an adult male who had been shot multiple times. the victim was transported to an area hospital and is expected to survive. just before 2:30 saturday morning western district officers heard gunshots coming from the 300 block of gold street. there, officers found two adult males who had been shot. both victims were taken to area hospitals. one of the victims identifieded a maurice mccoy died from his injuries. the other victim is expected to survive. >> to the battle for the white house. with 50 days before election day, the campaign trail is heating up with both parties hoping to rally supporters in key battleground states. brian moore with this morning's commitment 2012 report. >> president obama wasn't looking for laughs when he dropped into an orlando bar, but he walked straight into a bunch line too easy to pass up. when a boy flashed a sign that any native hawaiian would recognize.
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>> you were born in hawaii? >> hawaii. >> okay. >> yes, sir. >> the president and republican challenger mitt romney were both in key battleground states. both battling for middle class credibility. the gop nominee was at richmond international race way, ready to wave the green flag, starting a nascar race. but the rain stopped that plan in its tracks. >> hot dog! >> there was plenty of time to do what he came there for, connecting with voters he'll need there this fall. >> i got to do it. get back here. >> then, with some light moments in a campaign that's getting serious. brian moore, wbal tv 11 news. >> 68 degrees on tv hill. still ahead, how to find income in a zero interest rate world? >> and hundreds gather to say good-bye to the man who brought football back to baltimore. we head to m&t bank stadium for
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art modell's public viewing. >> tropical storm leslie sitting hundreds of miles off shore. coming up we'll tell you why it may have in 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> good morning. we continue with a live look at ocean city. a look at those waves. a few people brave enough to attempt them right now. there's also a couple people on the board walk. notice how it's still a bit wet. looks like most of the rain showers are starting to taper down. they still have clouds sitting over the coast. we'll talk about the waves in a moment. let's show you hd doppler to show the rain is indeed moving off the coast. that's what's left of our severe weather yesterday. cold front moving off shore. in its place, beautiful weather rolling in? we're gonna expect the quiet weather to last for some time. you want to talk about the tropics real quick because this does play a role in the weather, at least near ocean city.
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look at tropical storm leslie as it bears to the north. if you had to get a tropical system, that's the better side to be on. still concerns there with high surf and the strong winds. leslie is such a large storm about 400 miles across. it's been sitting in place for several days. that means it's basically just been churning up the water. it continues to push water towards the coast. for that reason, we do have concerns of rip currents and high surf along the eastern seaboard including ocean city as leslie continues to move up to the north. the biggest impact will be to bermuda, as they get close by, and leslie continues to track up to the north. looks like rip currents will continue to be a concern in ocean city throughout the rest of the week. then hurricane michael. winds putting it at a category two. it's expected to decrease in strength through the next couple of days and no impact to land. we call that a fish storm. looking back to our area.
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lot of clouds sitting along the coast. everyone else enjoying a lot of sunshine. there may be a few more clouds in the mountains today. there's instability left over in the upper atmosphere. everyone else impacted by this high pressure system at the surface. that brings very quiet nice weather. this is a case for the upcoming week. you can see here. not a lot of clouds associated with it. we're not expecting any storms with it. it's going to reinforce that cool air. 41. this is very fall-like air moving into the east. currently 67 at bwi thurgood marshall. 59 degrees in hancock. for this afternoon, pleasant day w the sunshine and dryer conditions. you're looking for a high around 79 in baltimore. ocean city 78 with clearing skies. it's the mountains that could still see a couple showers. their high temperature at 68. tonight is going to be a chilly one. we are down to about 59 this
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morning. could get a couple degrees cooler tonight. mostly clear skies. that's going to lead us into a spectacular seven-day forecast. that high pressure system continues throughout the upcoming week. we get the reinforcing cold chop tuesday. 77 for the high temperature. it's been a while since we saw temperatures that cool. >> before the severe storms rolled in yesterday boats took part in a dragon boat race. this event takes place every two years. teams compete to raise fund force catholic charities. baltimore city health commissioner is standing by. she's today's q and a guest. putting the fun back into learning for your little one. we have the latest toys to start off the school year. but first here's a look at some events going on around town today. çcp!
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>> welcome back. time is 9:17. 69 degreens tv hill. the big three stocks closed
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slightly higher friday. dow closed about 13000. nasdaq was all up as was the s&p 500. the numbers came following news that the labor market is losing momentum. the economy added just 96,000 jobs in august, down from 141,000 in july according to the labor department. unemployment rate, however, dropped to 8.1% from 8.3% in july, but that's because nearly 370,000 unemployed people stopped looking for work and weren't included in the survey. that brings us to our financial analyst, jonathan murray. we're talking about where to find income in a zero interest rate world. so we appreciate you being here. >> sure. good to be back. >> let's start with the stock market. >> stock market's been great, hasn't it? the s&p index is up 14% year to date, which is pretty surprising for most people. big part of that is apple stock which represents a big component of the s&p and the nasdaq. that's why the dow isn't up
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quite as much. dow's only up about 7% or 8%. >> we all want to talk about retirement. this 0% interest rate world, how to find income. >> it's such a big challenge for investors who are in the retirement red zone which is that area about five years prior to retirement, where you have to start to gear your portfolio up for income and replacing that income that you've lost. and the big challenge right now, as we know, is that interest rates are nonexistent. cd's right now are paying about .05% short term cd's, so where do people go for income? my concern is that they're stretching out too far, taking too much risk in search of income and that worries me a little bit. >> so let's talk about some of the specific steps that people need to take. starting with diversifying your bond portfolio. >> that's really important, because a lot of folks think, okay, bonds are safe, so they just buy the highest yielding bond. that's not necessarily the case. if interest rates should start
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to go up, the way they did, say, in 1994, your bonds can lose up to 20% of the value. so, be very careful art making sure that you don't just have really long-term bonds. >> ootips is an acronym for wha? >> treasury inflated professional security. >> that's what i was thinking. >> tips and floating rate bonds are designed to do better in a rising interest rate environment. so if you think interest rates ultimately are going to go back up, which i do, then you need to make sure your bond portfolio needs to include tips and floating rate notes which will do better in a rising market. >> own blue chips and dividend stocks. >> this is my favorite. ravens are playing tomorrow night. my favorite is the football analogy, if your total return is 7% on your portfolio and you can get a dividend paying 3.5%, that's great field position. you're starting on your 50 yard
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line. you're halfway to your goal already. >> i like that. >> isn't that great? i came up with that myself. >> very good job. >> thank you. so make sure that your portfolio has a lot of dividends in it. >> sounds good. great advice. we appreciate you being here, as always. if you'd like more information call jonathan 410-771-3270 or e-mail him on the screen there. i think you saw it just a moment ago. there it is. stay with us. coming up next, 11 news. john, karie and your sunday gardener. >> there are mums and mums. >> yeah. we have -- any time you want to get started for
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>> good morning and welcome to your sunday gardener. we're going into beautiful autumn weather here. humidity's gonna go down. temperatures are gonna go down. we'll get rains when we need them. it's an ideal world. but mum's the word. we're gonna talk about mums. >> that's true. you were mentioning before all of our gardens are looking raggedy. now is a good time to pull some of that old stuff out. if it's still healthy, there's no insects on it, throw it in the compost pile. if you had disease problem, i would bag them up and get them out of there. now is a wonderful time to plant mums. they're all blooming this year. they had a heat delay with all of the heavy summer heat. >> they know to wait. >> they're just coming into bloom now. they're gonna last you six to
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eight weeks. if you need orioles orange it's here or if you need ravens purple, it's here. >> two types of mums, right? >> there are two types. these are garden mums. and these you usually find in garden centers this time of year. they are outside. there are florist mums which you may find inside. >> get a green house. that's what goes in a flower arraignment generally speaking. they won't make it through the winter outside. >> no. and, to be honest with you, these won't either unless they are planted in the ground pretty soon. >> soon soon soon. get them in the ground to get them established. >> get the roots to spread out. by the time winter sets in, they're raring to go. the other thing is, when you do plant them, these will bloom for six to eight week, then look a little tired. put them in a place where you don't mind them looking a little tired. you don't want to cut them back until spring. >> you don't want that. >> you just want to let them go. you want to continue to water them, as long as they're growing, even if they're not
9:26 am
blooming. >> and then, just to get them to flower. look at this. look at the size of this thing. is it more than one plant here? >> there are four in this. these other ones, there's just one. >> we teach you how to cheat. that's the key to getting them to bloom now, is the pruning or the trimming of them. >> right. we wanted these in late may, early june. we pinched them back once or twice to give them this nice tight growth. >> the key times for that? >> if you're going to have one of these in your garden, st. patrick's day, mother's day, fourth of july. >> trim them. give them a hair cut at those time, the flowers will come out in time for fall. >> take them back pretty hard. if they're about eight inches, take them down to maybe three or four inches. >> you're almost treeding them as a shrud. >> right. mums are kind of more familiar with any of the rest of them. if you cut them back, you'll love them. >> the pruning scheme, too, also produces a nice dense plant. it doesn't get all wilty.
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>> you get more breaks. you just get hundreds of blooms. >> it's an ideal world. we'll do all that right. >> take care of your mums. >> absolutely. right. thanks for joining us this morning on your sunday gardener. remember, mum's the word. now's the time to get those mums in the garden. they're gonna look beautiful. i like this orange one. >> lovely. >> go o's. >> exactly. >> we'll talk more about your garden on your sunday gardener coming up next. we'll see you then. >> if you have a gardening question, send it to sunday gardener. you can also go to our website wbal time 9:27. we're just a moment away from our sunday q and a with the city health commissioner. remembering the man who brought football back to basketball. hundreds say good-bye to art modell. the rain showers are clearing out of the coast, and
9:28 am
that's what's left of our storms yesterday. we'll talk about it in the insta weather plus forecast. 4g lte has the fastest speeds. so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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welcome back to 11 news sunday morning. thank you very much for joining
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us. >> ava's here with another look outside. gonna shape up to be another pretty day. it >>'s spectacular. there were rain showers in ocean city. i just looked at the sky cam. complete blue skies. really shaping up to be a nice day. very comfortable temperatures. we started off the day around 59 degrees. that's a little on the chilly side, at least from what we're used to as of the past couple weeks. 67 though. we have warmed up quickly. lot of sunshine out there right now. that is expected to be the trend even as we head throughout the day. highs from 77 to 81 degrees. very comfortable with dry conditions. dew points have dropped down tremendously. we're gonna stick with this quiet pattern into the upcoming days. really feels like the first day of fall-like weather. details in just a little bit. in downtown baltimore, hundreds of loyal ravens fans expressed outpourings of love for art modell. m&t stadium was a fitting place to remember the man who moved the cleveland browns here after the colts left.
9:31 am
>> fans say they're grateful that the modell family invited them here to m&t bank stadium to say their final good-byes to the man who brought pro football back to baltimore. purple pride ran deep at m&t stadium, but not the way it usually does on any given sunday. ♪ >> frank sinatra played over the loud speakers as lthousands of fans paid their respect to art modell. fans gave their condolences to the family as they walked by his casket and the lombardi trophy he held up after the ravens won the super bowl in 2001. >> i'm emotional. >> why's that? we missed baltimore football for so many years. it's great to have it back. and he brought it here. sad to see him go. >> gates opened at 11:00 a.m. but john ryan was the first one in line at 8 a.m. >> i thought there would be a big crowd here this time of the morning. i guess they'll come in later, you know? i had to come down okay to show
9:32 am
my support for mr. modell and his family. >> like many ravens fans, ryan is grateful for what modell has done for baltimore. >> he brought the action back to baltimore, pro football. >> i'm gonna miss him. i have had chance to miss him. i'm gonna miss him. i'm glad we had an opportunity to send his farewells off. >> art's son david modell said his father would have been proud of the tribute but all embarrassed by it. david said the outpouring of support means a lot to the entire family though. >> you can imagine for any family who loses their father or any loved one, how difficult it is. and to be soothed by thousands of broader family members, makes me feel elated. i can float out the door. >> i don't think he would want us to be sad. he would want to continue to bring that big old ball home. that's what he'd want us to do. and we're gonna do it. go purple pride! purple pride!
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>> now, there will be a seer iries of tributes to art modell at monday's home opener and he will be laid to rest on tuesday. time now for our sunday morning q and a. joining us this morning the commissioner for health for baltimore city. good morning. thank for coming in. >> good morning, lisa. >> with kids just returning to school a couple weeks ago, how do parents do in terms of immunizations? >> generally at the beginning of the school year our rates are not as high as we would like them to be. so it's not too late to make sure kids are immunized. generally by like october, we end up being in the high 90%. which is great. this year especially it's important for parents to remember their whooping cough immunizations. part of what we call the dpt. as you know, we've been having
9:34 am
an on going outbreak in the country of whooping cough. >> there are programs that can come to the hel department in baltimore city if they can't get it through their pediatrician? >> absolutely. absolutely. we all recommend go to their pediatrician first. but if it's more convenient they can call 311 for the clinic nearest them and we will immunize them free of charge. >> excellent. that's good to know. one of the more pressing issues in this city continues to be access to healthy foods. we would get kids on the right path for healthy living and lifestyle. what are some of the new programs that you have in place to help families with that? >> there are a lot of great things going on in baltimore in terms of food access. one of the programs that we have are virtual supermarket program is nationally recognized as an innovative program that helps increase access for individuals who may be living in what we call food deserts. so it takes more than a certain amount of time to walk to their
9:35 am
nearest supermarket. that program we've had in place for a little over two years. recently, we expanded it to senior high rise buildings. we've expanded to buildings where there's a large number of disabled persons to make it easier for them to access fresh fruits and vegetables. so we're really excited because it's helping set the mark in terms of other cities trying to emulate what we're doing. it's a national demonstration project. >> if you have a senior who's not in one of those buildings but they are a resident of the city and you get them set up for some sort of delivery service. >> right now it's only in selected high rise buildings for seniors. but we are looking to partner with senior centers so that they can utilize those centers for food delivery as well. it's a great partnership between the health department, the planning department and santonio
9:36 am
supermarket. >> they just give you a call about that? >> absolutely. >> you worked in the spring trying to cut down on the number of liquor stores in certain neighborhoods. what is the latest with that? >> so, this effort is part of transform baltimore, which is a planning department updating the city's zoning code. and so, in october, there will be an introduction of the new zoning code. there will be opportunities for citizens to comment on recommendations for a bunch of recommendations within the zoning code updates, but specifically regarding the reduction of alcohol outlet density. and so we encourage folks to check out the baltimore website when the hearings are going to happen and to provide public testimony. if we know that increased intensity of alcohol outlet is increased with violent crime in
9:37 am
community. and so this is a part of overall city-wide effort to reduce those types of issues in the city and to help the city grow and grow in a healthy way. >> since you've mentioned that, the first week of school we saw in baltimore county an awful situation with the shooting. what are some of the things that the health department is doing to try to help families and kids with the violent situation? >> so, we work very closely with the school system. we work very closely with community partners on a number of different measures. we have actually an office of youth violence prevention in the health department. there are a number of activities including our safe streets program. we also have an initiative in middle schools where we encourage students and families on learning about safe dating. and so there's a whole range of violence reduction activities that we're involved in. >> that's another place they can go to baltimore city health
9:38 am before you going you mention something about flu shots. and fall months. fall prevention months. so september is fall prevention month. over one third of individuals 65 and older fall during the year. it's the number one reason for injury related hospitalizations. we're sponsoring free workshops through the month of september. people can visit our website, baltimore or call 311 for the nearest sites where we have recommendations and just really quick, four simple things to prevent falls in the elderly. they should get routine exercise, check their medications, check their vision and check their health for safety. and you can go to our website. there's a great safety check list to help reduce the possibility of falls. >> okay. and you have a flu clinic starting tomorrow. call 311 for the nearest site. thank you very much for coming in. thank you. next week our guest will be the former mayor cynthia recallings
9:39 am
blake. if you have a question, send it in. you can e-mail to sunday questions at wbal that's sunday questions at don't go away. we'll be right back with more news in a moment. first here's david gregory with a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." >> coming up on "meet the press" i go one on one with mitt romney. his first appearance on the program. a key juncture. less than 60 days until election day. we talk about what a romney presidency would mean for america. i press him on some of the key decisions he would make as president. plus, we talk about the state of the race. also, get reaction to romney's comments on the program from our political round table. plus a look at where this race stands after both political conventions. joining me t keynote speaker at the democratic national convention last week san antonio's mayor. author bill bennett, columnist peggy noonan and our political director from nbc, chuck todd. a special edition of "meet the
9:40 am
press" mitt romney's first press" mitt romney's first appearance here
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rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better.
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that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. good morning. let's start you off with a live look downtown. what a spectacular day out there. mainly blue skies. we've got a lot of sunshine building on in. we had a few clouds along the coast, just in the far eastern horizon. you can see a few clouds with our cold front moving off shore. as we look at hd doppler, you can see what's left of it as all. the rain showers impacted ocean city. now those are saying good-bye as well. betheined front, hp doppler looking very quiet. it's going to be a very pretty dry day. it's a good thing because we had the strong storms yesterday.
9:43 am
anyone who has to clean up any tree limbs, any damage from yesterday. we are going to have at least nice cooperating weather for that. let's look at the temperatures and what we're seeing. looking at the satellite picture first. you can see the clouds sitting off shore with that front behind it. just some patchy clouds trying to move back in to the mountains. going to be a slight chance for some showers today. as we still have some instability in the upper atmosphere, the atmosphere is kind of like a cake. at the surface, we're seeing high pressure. just way high up with that instability there may be some showers out towards the west. then we have another cold front that's going to be moving in out of the plains. this one with hardly any clouds associated with it. that basically means we don't have moisture to work with so we're not expecting clouds or storms out of this front once it moves into the east. it is going to reinforce the cool air coming in out of canada. high pressure system that follows out of it. spectacular weather throughout the seven day. you can see how cool the air is coming in betheined front. those are 40s showing up across
9:44 am
the dakota, northern part of minnesota. then you get ahead of the next front, where we're seeing temperatures in the 50s or 60s. we're gradually starting to cool things down as we transition into the fall season. 67, the current temperature. 72 downtown. we've got 68 in easton and 50s still as you look out west. 52 in oakland. we're going to see chilly conditions mainly in the overnight hours because of the dry conditions. dew point temperatures dropped down drastically. 58 the current dew point at the airport. 52 hancock. as you look out west. that's very dry air coming in behind this first front. 79 for the temperature in baltimore today. lot of sunshine. extend down dwards the coast where the skies are clearing out. mountains have a chance for showers. highs upper 60s. let's plan out your day. if you're going to tail gate for the o's game, 72 with sunshine. 3:00 p.m., 79 with just a few clouds in the sky. right before the sun sets, pleasant conditions and temperatures around 71.
9:45 am
that leads us to our night time forecast. dropping into the 50s overnight. you're really going to notice these chilly conditions in the next couple mornings, including wednesday, 50 degrees. may need a jacket if you head out the door. comfortable throughout the entire week with a lot of sunshine. now that school is back in session, elizabeth warner and national child lifestyle expert is here to share the latest tools and trends to help your children start off with confidence and a smile. >> thank you. >> these are fantastic. let's start with the backpack. have you ever seen a backpack with a basketball hoop? >> how cool is that? >> so much fun. >> i think it's fun to have a backpack that makes the kids excited about school. this one unzips and has a basketball hoop, inside comes with the ball. >> i can see them at the bus stop. >> deck out the back with something called gutsy gear. these are velcro strips. your kid can decorate them with fun patches, all their favorite
9:46 am
characters. >> you can reenlly personalize it. >> fun way to have great times with their backpacks. these are patch buddies. each kid when they start off nursery school, they might be nervous. they get a buddy. pulls out, unzips into a blar ket. a cool option. >> they can choose their own. >> there's a bunch of different ones. and i decorated this one with something like click. we all wore pins on our jean jacket. these go on to clothing. >> they just clip on. >> yeah, they just clip on. another way to accessorize. $2.99. >> awesome. >> now, what i'm wearing, these are called mouth man. when you check this out. when i cross my arms, i created a cool character. this is the scary snake. these are brought to us by the band members from journey. so this is another one as you cross your arms this is a look you need to get. >> i know a few guys that would like that. >> now pop girl nail charms.
9:47 am
love these. little girls love to paint their nails. sometimes if they're at gymnastics, sports, they can't get it on. they stick right to the finger nail. this one's got an ice cream cone on it. they have all their favorite characters. monster high. it's for each little finger. >> nice that it doesn't involve glue. >> exactly. sticks right on, so really easy. >> this is really neat. >> this is called boba bot. you order this. this is delivered to your house once a month. do it for one month or an entire year. it comes with a theme. this one happens to be moon and stars. inside the box it will have a variety of fabulous educational craft. all the things you need, scissor, paper, whatever it might be. >> is that a gift for mom? >> gift for mom each time. comes with videos, app downloads. i know moms like the gift the best. this one is a gift for mommy. that's not for your little one.
9:48 am
that's mommy's gift. >> very cute. love that. >> now, this is called quadrilla. i have made one small piece of this. people of all ages adore and love these. you can make a variety of things with them. it really teaches them the principles of engineering and physics that we don't need to tell them that part. >> electronics are huge. it's a great way to encourage a child to learn and play for the younger ones. leap frog san amazing leader in the industry. this is the leap pad 2. leap pad 1 came out last year. it was the number one item for kids. this is the new and improved version. improved memory. over 320 apps, games and videos that your kids will work with. the great thing these are all designed by educational leaders, ph.d.'s, so all the content in here is approved by moms. now, when your children get older, they're gonna need a tablet where they can go on to
9:49 am
the internet, do homework. this has pure parental controls. you can decide where and when your child can be on the internet. even the time your child can be on the tablet. >> wish we had more time. don't go away. up next we're in the kitchen for sunday brunch. but first here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel...
9:50 am
but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november.
9:51 am
vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. >> welcome back everyone. time for sunday brunch. joining me is the executive chef
9:52 am
at the silver diner and the metro diner cafe in annapolis. >> i'm glad to be back again. what you were showing before, how to make these fusion tacos. easy for mom. gonna be easy. the next thing i'm gonna show you the even easier. but i love to combine flavor. what i did before was the fusion tacos. i have done it the same way again. gonna make you a great lobster salad. little old bay seasoning, lemon pepper, mayo, i like to use mayo, olive oil and fresh tarragon. you can use lobster meat. you can use chicken. once you have that salad made, add to it this beautiful salad over here. this is the flavor i'm talking about. you got something over here that's from maryland. i'm gonna put on a chipotle mayo. >> did you make that?
9:53 am
>> you can make it easily at home. get some chipotle peppers, dice them up, mix them with mayo and you are done. that gives you a beautiful smokey flavor. >> tell me about this bread that you chose. >> chibatta bread. i'm using sour dough today. these rolls are just wonderful. >> you're putting fresh spinach on. >> we're all fresh foods. all local food. got some nice local tomatoes. and tomatoes on it. >> this is your take on a lobster roll? >> oh, yes. it's so much better than a lobster roll. i'm not done yet. okay. here we go. so we have this wonderful salad. then a little bacon. what's wrong with a little bacon? >> calories? arteries. >> it's great fresh bacon. nitrate free bacon. fresh avacados on it. >> this is a good meal to make for dinner today.
9:54 am
>> see how easy this is for mom to make. she's gonna look like a hero in the kitchen. >> you can say it's too foo foo for my house. >> they would love this. >> you cut it. then you put it, look at that. all these beautiful colors. you serve it up with a little salad. >> what about serving it on a tortilla? >> you can do that, too. you can make it a wrap if you want to. but look at the colors. a nice fresh salad. whatever you want to make today at home, your wife's gonna love you forever if you're gonna make this. >> all right. looks easy. >> lots of fun and flavor. >> if people want a copy of today's recipe log on to or send a self-addressed stamped envelope to -- stay with us. we'll be right back with more news in a moment. 4g lte has the fastest speeds.
9:55 am
9:56 am
so let's talk about coverage. based on this chart, who would you choose ? wow. you guys take a minute. verizon, hands down. i'm going to show you guys another chart. pretty obvious. i don't think color matters. pretty obvious. what's pretty obvious about it ? that verizon has the coverage. verizon. verizon. we're going to go to another chart. it doesn't really matter how you present it. it doesn't matter how you present it. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
9:57 am
>> a quick check of the forecast. 79 this afternoon. we have clear skies, a lot of skien. highs in the upper 70s to start the week, 80s by the end of the week. smooth sailing until tend of the week. >> that looks beautiful. >> come and see us at the metro cafe diner in annapolis. >> you've got silver diners everywhere. >> come to the metro. >> all right. thanks so much for coming in. thank you for joining us. >> "meet the press" is next. have a great day.
9:58 am
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